(2 ft. x 2 ¾ ft). For smaller dog breeds (up to 25 lbs.)

Remember, our alpaca fur creations are stain resistant and simple to care for. These are luxury items, however, and we cannot be held responsible for any pet's behavior towards their new alpaca fur. Although most will love it, some dogs have been known to chew and destroy them. The dog pictured above absolutely loved her alpaca bed and had the same one for 10 years!
Alpacas are NEVER harmed or killed to make our fur creations!

Throughout their lifetime, Alpacas are frequently shorn for their wool. Since the Alpaca wool industry is such a big enterprise, and because Alpacas cost between $1,500.00 and $125,000.00 each (depending on their quality of wool and breeding ability), Alpacas are farmed and raised in a manner in which promotes long life spans. The longer they live, the more wool can be shorn from them. It would not be practical or ethical to kill Alpacas simply for their hides, because there is so much money that can be made from their wool for clothing. Basically, Alpacas are worth more alive than they are dead. There's a prohibition in effect against killing Alpacas for their hides: it is illegal, impractical, and immoral to do so. Our producers use the hides of Alpacas that have already died of natural causes to make our fur creations. Our guilt-free furs are simply beautiful by-products of Mother Nature. Snuggle up with the most luxurious texture on earth.
Alpaca Fur Creations
The Alpaca is a relative of the llama and is domestically raised in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains in South America. For thousands of years, Alpacas have provided sustenance in the form of food and clothing for the South American Indians. Alpaca furs date back to the Inca Empire of the 16th century, where they were treasured by royalty. Today, they are still handcrafted by skilled native artisans, who, with centuries of training, have created a tradition of quality workmanship in both detail and design. The natural beauty and luxurious texture of the furs, along with the artistic talents of the Peruvian craftsmen make Alpaca furs most desirable for any decor.
Our artistic fur creations feature genuine 100% Alpaca fur with all natural coloring. Since no dyes or bleaches are ever used, the colors will never change or fade. There are more than 20 different natural colors of alpaca fiber ranging from black to natural white, with browns, champagnes, golds, tans, beiges, grays, and combinations of all of the above, so each and every piece is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind. We do our best to accommodate any and all customer requests for particular shades.

We refer to all of our alpaca fur creations as "rugs" although the possibilities for use are endless. They can be hung on the wall, thrown on the floor and walked all over, placed on a bed as a bedspread, or anything else you can think of! All of our fur creations can be made with either adult alpaca fur (very plush, thick fur), or with baby alpaca fur (super-fine, silky fur). Neither style of fur is 'better" than the other, it's just a matter of preference, and what you will be using the fur for. Pricing of our fur creations is determined by which kind of fur is used in the piece (baby fur is more expensive, because at certain times is more difficult and costly for us to acquire), as well as the size of the piece. We offer our lined furs in the following sizes (which are approximate):

Pillow Sham - 2 ft. x 2 ¾ ft. These come with a small zipper sewn onto the cotton backing on the reverse side of the pillow. We suggest using Poly-Fil stuffing to fill the pillows, and it is available at any craft or fabric store, as well as large discount stores. This size can also be used as a little rug (just leave out the stuffing).

Small Rug - 2 ¾ ft. x 4 ft. Our most versatile size! This is a great size to put on your favorite chair, or to put on the floor next to your bed; imagine one of our fur creations being the first thing your feet touch when you get out of bed on a chilly morning!

Large Rug - 4 ft. x 5 ½ ft. Big enough to snuggle up in and fits perfectly over the back of any sofa. We've had many customers purchase this size piece for their kids; just throw it on the floor and it's a great place to lay and watch t.v. Use it as a rug in a foyer or under a coffee table! Put it in front of a fireplace - the natural oils in the fur will actually extinguish any sparks that could land on it! This size also looks great hung up on the wall, and even better hung up over a bed as a headboard. Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless!

XL Rug - 6¼ ft. x 7 ft. Ever wanted an alpaca fur bedspread? This is the size for you! Our XL size covers the entire top (edge to edge) of a king size bed perfectly, while also fitting a queen or full (double) size bed. It will hang down a few inches on both sides of a queen bed, and will cover the entire mattress on both sides of a full size bed. We sleep on top of our alpaca fur bedspread in the summer and just use a sheet over us, and in the winter, we snuggle up under the fur. The ultimate in luxury! And, easy to care for; just take it outside and give it a few hard shakes once a week and anything solid (dog hair, dirt, dust, etc.) will fly right out. For spills or tough stains, click here for easy care instructions. This is also a great size to use as an area rug. Our furs are safe to vacuum, just be sure to only use the vacuum's attachments on them, not the vacuum itself.

Alpaca furs are "hands on" products that we sell exclusively at our retail shows. Just check out our show schedule and come see us in a city near you! We offer an excellent selection of rugs, and also carry alpaca fur coats (short style and full length) alpaca fur hats and alpaca wool capes and scarves. We have great show specials and knowledgeable salespeople to help with questions on any puchase.
We sell only the finest quality of alpaca fur creations. Our pieces are handcrafted using a special chromium oxide process which will make them last forever. It's a difference you can feel!
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