Real Wings jewelry made from REAL butterfly wings is so unique and eye-catching! Our eco-friendly jewelry is made with real, authentic butterfly wings that have been preserved for lifetimes of enjoyment. Only farm-raised butterflies are used for any of our products, in cooperation with rainforest and wildlife conservation officials. Each piece is hand mounted in the U.S. with precise detail. Most of our pendants are double-sided, so both sides can be viewed. Breathtaking and truly one-of-a-kind, our jewelry make great gifts! We have also provided matching jewelry for bridal parties, including necklace pendants, tie pins and cufflinks.

Live Butterfly Releases

Whether it’s a bride wanting something different for her special day, or a family honoring their beloved with a symbolic farewell, butterfly releases are always magical. Our live butterflies go through their life cycles in a climate-controlled environment, but are only available May through August, as the outside temperature.has to be within a certain steady range for the butterflies to be active and fly away upon release. Suitable for any occasion, they are sure to create special memories. Butterflies to be released will be hand-delivered on the day of the event in a keepsake box with a demonstration of how to ensure a successful release. Delivery is included in the prices for events that are located within 50 miles of Richmond, VA. Delivery to other locations will be always open to discussion.

Current butterflies in use: Not in Season until May, 2019

There are a few tricks of the trade that ensure they are extremely active for the “show” part of the release. We will provide sugar water to the butterflies just before the event and make sure they are warmed up with sunlight . Like a piece of art, releasing live butterflies is a powerful form of expression, and, it's good for the soul!

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Preserved Butterflies for Special Events

Can you imagine having a flower arrangement with preserved butterflies resting on the leaves? How about genuine butterflies set upon the crown of the bride’s veil? We are thrilled to work in conjunction with florists and wedding planners to provide preserved butterflies for a perfectly natural ambiance, which can include indoor and/or outdoor decoration. A butterfly-lover's dream wedding: stunning floral arrangements and bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres with that WOW factor, additions to wedding cakes and also hair adornments for any style...all featuring REAL preserved butterflies. We can provide anything else you can dream of for your special day with our butterflies!! Contact us
All of the butterflies used in our art and jewelry have been preserved for many, many years of enjoyment, and will not fall apart or even fade over time, as long as they are not exposed to long-term direct sunlight. We only use butterfly specimens and wings that are in excellent condition. They have been imported into the U.S. with special permits on file with the U.S. Department of WIldlife and the U.S. Customs, in conjunction with Peruvian goverment specifics on exporting farm-raised butterflies. We do not sell any art or jewelry made with any endangered species.
Party Decorations
We can add that special butterfly touch in creating decorations like banners and floral featuring REAL preserved butterflies for tea parties for little girls, and baby showers, and other events. We even have real preserved beetles and bugs for events too, if that’s more your style!
Custom Butterfly Pieces
For wall decor, we create butterfly artwork in shadowbox frames. Single butterflies, multiple butterflies mounted on unique backgrounds, or drawings, maps, graphics, photographs, monograms...the sky's the limit on what we can create for you.
We’ve made shadowboxes of all kinds including science projects, film props, wedding guest wishes, large wall art, and cabinet doors..

For lovers of all things eccentric, we can make decorations and shadowboxes with preserved dragonflies, tarantulas, beetles, and scorpions. We have created decor for boys' birthday parties, Halloween parties and general creepy, yet awesome decor.
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